Improve your Golf Game

Transform your unused space into the ultimate golf simulator

Imagine learning a golf course before you visit, knowing about the wind conditions and how it affects the ball path – key for a coastal course.

How the air pressure or humidity can increase or decrease your carry – important if playing high altitude or in hot countries.

Discover which club to use compared to the one you’d use at your home club. These subtle environmental changes can make tens of yards difference to your game.

The Space

Most of our golf simulators are built into an unused space, a garage, an outbuilding or an unused room within your home. The space should be comfortable for you and will be designed and built to your specification. Our experience with domestic and commercial simulator design ensures that you can relax and focus on the game.

We also specify Huxley Golf artificial greens to give the most realistic experience. Huxley Golf greens are specially designed to receive full golf shots while still ensuring that putts run true and at a realistic speed. Huxley Golf greens are PGA, SGU, EGU and GUW accredited.

Golf Simulator or Ball Launch Monitor?

A ball launch monitor plots the ball path as it leaves the club. It will also give you key information about the shot just played, ball speed, spin, launch angle, carry, club speed and some systems even monitor the club path. This detailed set of data can help you improve your game, especially if you use many of the online resources or a coach to understand the data.

A golf simulator is usually inside a fixed space dedicated to golf or gaming. It’s a far more enjoyable experience being similar to a game rather than a scientific instrument. Whilst it also gives data like the ball launch monitor, it also simulates the environment you are playing in. This is perfect if you travel to golf courses both in the UK and around the world.

The Technology

Several options exist although we focus on the TRACKMAN and TRUGOLF systems. The technology uses ranges from optical light beams to high speed cameras to radar. We have the experience to help you pick the technology that meets your golfing needs. From a dedicated training aid to a fun family friendly experience suitable for all ages.

High definition or 4k projectors and graphics cards run on an industrial grade custom-built PC to ensure smooth and fast graphics.

The Experience

You can play golf on over 100 different courses and many family games are suitable for the youngest of players in the comfort of your own home or business. Play Pebble Beach, The Belfry and the PGA National with friends and family or use it simply to train and practice alone.

Contact us today to talk about designing your golfing dream.